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May 8th, 2018, 5:20 pm

3rd anniversary fanart contest

It’s the third year since i started my webcomic about Monster girls. Monster girls on tour really started 4 years ago with a Stand-alone short story for a fanzine called Tamago duro (in which i still do MGoT short stories), and these short strips were a complement for those short stories. Even before that, K’sara and her team had already appeared as secondary characters in my webcomic Guild adventure. But as time passed, the characters for this humor strips have become some of my most popular stuff, to the point that today MGoT is my main comic, and a story is slowly revealing itself in its pages.

Thus, a fanart contest for the comic began, that I continue each year.

The rules are simple:

-Make a drawing of one (or more) characters that appear in Monster girls on tour.
You can draw all the characters you want (which will increase your chances to win) in a single entry, or you can send multiple entries, tough you can only win one of the two prizes. You can get lewd if you want. In fact i like lewd. Obviously it would be good if you read the comic to know what to draw and how.

There are 2 prizes:

-1st prize: -50$ (sent by paypal) -Two keychains from here – Two PC game codes from this list – 5 posters of your choice – This set of physical PC games – One free pinup commission of one character you want (it doesn’t have to be from the comic) -A cameo of you or a character you want in the comic (providing you have the rights or permision for the character) -You may decide a new monster girl to appear as a character in the comic -The three pdf Special adventures of Monster girls on tour, “the festival”, “the gamer” and “the magical girls”– the two chapters of “Monster girls on hentai”.

If you happen to be Spanish, I can throw in 6 physical versions of my fanzines Tamago duro, Monster girls on tour and Guild adventure – If you happen to be Italian, I can throw in a collection of Ozn mangas.

-2nd prize: –One pc code game from this list (after first prize has chosen) -One chibi drawing of any character you want -The three pdf Special adventures of Monster girls on tour. – The two chapters of Monster girls on hentai.

The deadline for the contest is the 31 of May 2018.

You can send your submissions to kukuruyo@gmail.com

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